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Hand Poured Candles for the
Discriminating Candle Connoisseur!

Beautiful - Unique
Clean Burning
Scented Pillar Candles.
Made In Washington.

We Guarantee our Products Don't YOU deserve the best!

Jamaican Spice Pillar
Super Scented Tarts/Melts
Jamaican Spice Pillar

Our #1 Best Seller. Imagine butter, caramel, cream, vanilla and spices. This sweet homey scent will easily fill your room, or several rooms with a spicy creamy vanilla, caramel, custard fragrance that has been our BEST SELLER for years. A fabulous scent for nesting. We've made it more irresistible by adding our unique signature design. Seeing is believing.

Super Scented Tarts/Melts

Scented Clam Shell Melts. We've been selling these in our retail store since 2006; these little devils have become so popular we now offer them for our online customers. Available in all of our candle scents; made of ultra refined food grade paraffin. Snap one melt off, place it in your warmer and enjoy the fragrance throughout your room! How easy it that!!$4.50

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